Families forced to relocate after neighborhood loses power

Families forced to relocate after neighborhood loses power

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Saturday nights weather brought on black outs throughout the Permian Basin, causing some residents to leave their homes in search of a warmer place to sleep in the middle of the night.

At least one of them had to move more than 200 ounces of breast milk as well.

Lacy Altenhofen lives in the Legends Park neighborhood in the northwest part of midland. She said her power went out a little bit after midnight.

"It dropped four degrees in just thirty minutes in our house so we knew that it wasn't going to be something where we could stay there all night," said Altenhofen.

Instead of waiting around she and her husband packed up what they needed to take to her mothers home, which had power that was needed to keep them warm and their milk supply frozen.

"We had to pack up all of the breast milk I've saved over the last five months, which is two full drawers in our refrigerator," Altenhofen said. "It took up a whole Yeti cooler and it's very heavy and we had to lug it all the way across town to make sure that we didn't lose it because it's irreplaceable."

Lacy said she reached out to Oncor, upset her family had to deal with this again.

"I reached out to Oncor last night via their social media page and they reached out and just said, 'sorry you had to move and you should try to stay warm tonight,'" said Altenhofen. "Which is hard to do when you don't have power in your home."

Lacy said her family had to deal with this more than 20 times this summer, and she's upset that after Oncor said they fixed the issue, it's back again.

"I just think it's unfortunate that Oncor knows this is an ongoing issue and they haven't been able to provide a permanent solution for our neighborhood," said Altenhofen.

We spoke with Oncor who said the issue from this summer was a grid and insisted that last nights issue was a capacitor bank failure that is fixed now and should stay that way.

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