High winds cause chaos in the Permian Basin

High winds cause chaos in the Permian Basin

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Cold gush of wind flying through the Permian basin.

So hard it blew Luis Zamarripa 12 foot tall trampoline out of his own backyard and into his neighbors.

He said  he was just inside the house, but then his dogs began barking, and before he knew it, he heard the wind.

Although he knew the wind was supposed to be there, he had no idea it would be strong enough to rip out a trampoline that was anchored down.

"I couldn't even believe anything like that was going on," said Zamarripa. "I heard we were going to get a cold front. We were going to get a bunch of, cold wind coming in. But nothing like that. That's just not something you thinks going to happen."

Not only are winds causing temperatures to drop, they're even dropping decorations.

Businesses like the Starbright Village were closed Saturday night because of the decorations being torn down by strong winds.

One resident, Chance Spencer, said he actually likes the cold weather.

Spencer, who also happens to work with an apartment in town, said his complex is recommending a few safety tips for the harsh weather expected in the area.

"We're informing everyone here they need to open up their cabinets in their bathrooms and their kitchens and need to turn that heater up and let the air circulate so that way there's no frozen pipes or anything like that because that's no fun," said Chance.

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