Thousands of toys are donated to Big Spring families

Thousands of toys are donated to Big Spring families

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Volunteers at the Salvation Army in Big Spring stayed busy this holiday season by packing thousands of toys in hundreds of bags.

"This is my favorite program to do because it's the community," said Lieutenant Rachel McKain of the Salvation Army in Big Spring. "We're just facilitating it. The community is helping people. It's really just a program where good people help good people."

About 140 families in need received toys and donations like clothes and food. It's a kind gesture fed by the generosity of the community.

"It's kind of hard for me, there's times it hurts me when I can't get them what they want for Christmas," said Becky Cervantes. "It's a big thanks to everybody that donated presents for these kids."

The Salvation Army's Angel Tree program gives families in need holiday gift assistance. Each are given a letter that guarantees their children will have something to look forward to this Christmas.

"We have four kids," said Gisela Macias. "I like to see them happy, that's more than anything, it's a big blessing."

And this year, with 260 children and 84 seniors that received donations, it's a reminder that no family, no child is forgotten this Christmas.

"It makes you feel good as a parent because at least you know you're doing something right," said Sylvia Bernal, a single mother with four children. "To see them happy makes you happy. It's the little stuff that makes them happier. That's what counts."

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