Midland police officer recruits graduate next week

Midland police officer recruits graduate next week

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland Police Department will receive new officers next week.

Eleven recruits will graduate on Monday December 19 at 2 p.m. from the 97th Permian Basin Law Enforcement Academy at the Midland Horseshoe Arena.

"At first it was a little nerve-racking," said MPD officer recruit Tracey Smith. "Just not knowing what's your'e getting into. You see it on TV, you think it's a job where you get into and learn on the go, then you realize the law, how it works and what you can and can't do."

The recruits began training on August 15 at the law enforcement academy. The training included defense tactics, physical fitness and a rigorous academic schedule. Graduates had to pass the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education exam.

"The training consists of everything an officer would have to do out on the street," said Lieutenant Alfredo Grimaldo. "Learning all the laws relating to being a police officer, people think it's a good job, it's going to be really cool, but once reality sets in, it's totally different."

The graduates will take oath of office and be presented in their official uniforms for the first time at the ceremony.

After they graduate and are sworn-in, the officers will take part in a field training with experienced officers. The training will be complete in mid-April.

"You know the risk, you know all the stuff going on out there. It's getting in and wanting to make a difference," said MPD officer recruit Stephen Fulton. "I want to be out on the street representing everybody, representing myself well, represent the department well and the community."

The graduates who will be graduating are Joel Covarrubio, Bianca Rodriguez, Derek Farniok, Sean McAleer, Stephen Fulton, Conner Wilbanks, Ethan Hotz, Jaren Edwards, Tracey Smith, Cole Etheredge and Michael Siebman.

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