Two caught stealing Christmas decorations by home security

Two caught stealing Christmas decorations by home security

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - It's the holiday season and many people have decorated their houses to get in the spirit.

But two Grinch's in Odessa decided to spoil it, stealing Christmas decorations from a home.

"It's pretty bad when you have to turn your house into a fort," said Odessa homeowner James McCracken.

On December 9 around 10 p.m. James McCracken and his wife were in their home, enjoying a quiet evening.

The next morning, they checked their camera feeds, which they only got installed about two weeks ago, and found something startling, two people in their front lawn.

"She acted like she was taking pictures of the Christmas decorations and then they both went back and got in the car and then he came back and grabbed the lighted Santa Claus off the house and ran back and got in the car and they left," said McCracken.

The hanging Santa had been theirs for 40 years, and McCracken said he hasn't seen one like it in a long time.

He said this isn't the first time he's had something stolen, but this one hurts because of what was stolen, especially when this is supposed to be a time of giving, not taking.

"Well they don't know the true meaning of Christmas," said McCracken. "You know, especially if you go around stealing Christmas decorations, you don't know the true meaning of Christmas. It's sure not the Christmas spirit, is it?"

What really bothers James is the age the two appear to be, as he said it's probably time to put childish things behind.

"You know if it had been 12, 13 year old kids come up here doing it," said McCracken. "But someone who has a drivers license or they're driving a car. You know, they're old enough to know better, not to do it. They really are."

For now he and his wife are keeping a closer look, and taking a few of their more cherished decorations inside the home at night.

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