Restaurant Report: Three Midland restaurants on low performer list

Restaurant Report: Three Midland restaurants on low performer list

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The week of November 28th through December 2nd proved to be a busy one for health inspectors in Midland. They had no high performers for the week, but did have three low performers.

Chito's Mexican Restaurant at 4400 N. Midland Dr., Ste. 100 was cited for the following:

- Employee drinks were open
- No labeling of tostada chips
- Open containers of shrimp in reach-in cooler
- Open containers of chicken strips in reach in refrigerator
- Uncovered tray of chile rellenos in walk-in cooler
- Spoon inside avocado container
- No paper towels at kitchen hand wash sink

These violations resulted in 19 demerits for Chito's. However, the inspector did note that the restaurant was nice and clean.

Garely's Mexican Restaurant at 1805 S. Rankin Hwy. was cited for the following:

- No dates or labeling on food containers
- Open container of diced potatoes
- Open container of beans in reach-in cooler
- Bags of onions on floor
- Scoop on its side in sugar bin
- No paper towels at kitchen hand wash sink
- No thermometer in reach-in cooler

These violations resulted in 18 demerits for Garely's.

I Love Pho at 3303 N. Midkiff Rd., Ste. 135 was cited for the following:

- No Hot Water
- Employee drinks were open
- No dates or labeling of containers
- Open rice bag on floor of reach-in cooler
- Open container of raw meat in reach-in cooler
- Knife in container of bean sprouts
- Rice bag on floor of storage area
- No thermometer in reach-in freezer
- No Heimlich maneuver signs
- Needs "no smoking" sign at front door
- Need to close large gap on bottom of front doors

These violations resulted in 26 demerits for I Love Pho and the inspector closed down the restaurant due to no hot water. However, the inspector went back and the hot water issue had been fixed and the restaurant has since been reopened.

There were no low performers for that week in Odessa. However, there were several high performers for the week. Here's a look at the high performers:

- Sonic Drive In #1 (2636 JBS Pkwy.)
- Los Alamos Mexican Restaurant (1307 N. Grant Ave.)
- Cesarito's Mexican Food (1001 W. 10th St.)
- Fazoli's (4241 JBS Pkwy.)
- Hooters (2660 JBS Pkwy.)
- T Star Donuts (3600 Billy Hext Rd.)
- La Bodega Bar (1024 E. 7th St.)
- La Burreria (3600 Billy Hext Rd., #100)

- Subway (980 E. 87th St., B)
- Susie's Grocery & Deli (1524 E. 8th St.)
- Yoli's Paleteria (1530 E. 8th St.)
- Mi Reina (10261 S. Hwy. 385)
- Family Burritos (10247 S. Hwy. 385)
- Pizza Hut #028464 (2260 Linda Ave.)

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