ECISD special needs kids learn real life skills

ECISD special needs kids learn real life skills
(Source: Ector County ISD)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Special needs students at Wilson Young Middle School in Odessa are learning more than just classroom skills.

Thanks to a career program started for the specialized life skills classroom at Wilson Young, these students were able to learn real life skills that will help with their future.

For most making a pizza is simple, but for students like Nazareth and Navoli it was exciting and something that can help them with their future.

"It was fabulous, it was good and everything was so cool," said these students.

Thanks to this career program, the school was able to partner with Jersey Girl Pizza to show these students how to perform actual job duties.

Tiffanie Hunt with ECISD believes this program will help these students be able to get real jobs when they are old enough.

"With our special needs kids these are skills they can apply to life as well. Measuring ingredients, baking, cooking, the safety aspect; they can apply that to home as well," Hunt said, "And some day, I hope to see one of these kids employed at a restaurant."

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