Ward County residents fed up with dogs killing livestock

Ward County residents fed up with dogs killing livestock

WARD COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Ranchers in Ward County are fed up with packs of dogs killing livestock. Many have lost thousands of dollars worth of animals.

"The llama was the last straw and I just decided it was time to kill them," said Dusty Coulston, a local rancher. "She was completely mauled and tortured by a group of stray dogs."

Coulston runs Hogg Ranch in Ward County. She says this past month 17 goats have been killed and just recently, a llama had to be put down after a brutal attack.

"I finally decided to just take action into my own hands. I warned everybody that this was going to happen," said Coulston.

"She did exactly what the law said she can do and what she did was a whole lot more humane to their dogs than what they did to her animals," said Monahans Police Chief Billy Riley.

Coulston decided to get someone to shoot the animals while on her property, but it was what she did afterward that caused a stir. She posted a picture on Facebook of the dead dogs hung on her fence.

"People are getting tired of it and posting on the fence was just a way to draw attention to the problem so maybe something can be done," said Coulston.

Other county residents say they have had similar problems with packs of dogs and although some don't agree with the route Coulston took with her message, they want others to be warned.

"If you choose not to keep your dog up, you are responsible and liable for anything those dogs do," said Riley. "When they start packing up they are a predator, just like a wolf, a coyote and they are out there to kill and kill stuff that belongs to other people."

Animal Control says that Coulston was right in killing the dogs. Many residents want laws to change in the county for harsher punishments of dog owners who let their pets run loose and cause problems.

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