Iraan sent off to Arlington in spirit

Iraan sent off to Arlington in spirit

IRAAN, TX (KWES) - The braves play tomorrow morning, but today the entire community joined in on sending the team and cheerleaders off to Arlington with spirit.

High spirits and hopes were in the atmosphere for the Braves.

It's been 20 years since the team has had a state title and now its up for grabs tomorrow morning.

"Its the biggest game we've been wanting since we were little kids and its just a dream come true to play at state," Eli Lovera, free safety said.

A community was once mourning the loss from a deadly bus crash about a week ago.

But the players and cheerleaders pushed through despite the sadness.

"Its a little scary, but I feel like we can get through this together," Nayleah De Luna, cheerleader said. "Yeah its gonna be the first time we're away from home like so far away but as long as we're all together it's gonna be good," Kiara Hodge, cheerleader said.

Kick off is tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the AT&T stadium in Arlington.

Bremond and Iraan are both undefeated, but win or lose, Iraan is proud to have come this far even though they've had some obstacles along the way.

"Honestly no matter what, we know that we made Liz proud so it just means a lot that we're going here and we're doing this for her," Hodge said.

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