Local energy companies say Exxon Mobil CEO can benefit the economy

Local energy companies say Exxon Mobil CEO can benefit the economy

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - President-elect Donald Trump's Twitter describes Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as "one of the truly great leaders of the world."

And while some point fingers at Tillerson's connection with Russian President Vladimir Putin, local energy companies said there's more than just those close ties.

CEO Steven Pruett of Elevation Resources said if the 64-year-old Texas oilman does become Secretary of State, his top priority would be the country's best interest than Exxon Mobil.

"His concern at the time was protecting the interest of his shareholders," said Pruett. "Now it'd be protecting the interest of the United States."

So what does this mean for the Permian Basin? Gary Moore with TEXLA has been in the oil and gas business for over 30 years.

"He has a lot of global deal-making experience now," said Moore.

He believes Tilerson's connections with global leaders could help the economy nationwide.

"The big companies are the ones that have the men and the resources to go make those deals globally and find the oil. But ultimately as a United States company, some of that money is going to come back here and benefit us as well as everything they do domestically."

If he is confirmed as Secretary of State, this could possibly mean more energy supplies on the global market.

"It would help the economies of the world and help maintain a reasonable balance between supplies and demand so developing countries and our economy can continue to grow on a healthy manner."

We reached out to 12 other local energy companies. They either couldn't comment or were unavailable.

Although Trump has shown support for the oilman, they still disagree on other issues such as free trade and climate change. Experts said if Tillerson is chosen, this could possibly mean Trump could be looking at a new relationship with Russia.

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