MHS mascot plans trip to Florida

MHS mascot plans trip to Florida

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Sadly, the Midland High Bulldogs won't be playing for a state title, this year. But, one Bulldog has been invited to go a bowl game.

"Spike has been invited to go and participate at the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl," said MHS Varsity Cheer Sponsor, Michelle Navarrette.

You may ask yourself, how does a mascot, from West Texas, get picked to go to a bowl game? Spike goes to a summer camp, every year, where they try out to be an All-American Mascot. He put a skit together, to compete against the other mascots, there, and was chosen.

"We're really, excited because this is the second year that Spike has been able to participate," Navarrette commented.

Spike and the other mascots, will be participating in the pre-game show. Navarrette says they're excited to have Spike representing the Permian Basin.

"We, only have three mascots, out of the state of Texas, going to participate. So, Spike is the only one, out of our area. So, we're very honored and very proud," she beamed.

But, getting Spike to Orlando, on New Year's Eve, won't come cheap. In fact, he's been working his paws off, to raise the money.

"Spike has done all kinds of amazing things. We've sold t-shirts, all the way to having dinners. We've done some canvas painting. We're so, so close. There is only about $15 hundred left, that we need, to make this trip a reality for Spike," Navarrette concluded.

Grub Burger Bar, on Midland Drive is donating 15% of its profits, all day Tuesday, toward Spike's trip. To find out how you can help, go to

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