Midland considering new pet spay and neuter ordinance

Midland considering new pet spay and neuter ordinance

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - If your animal is one of the few that is a frequent flyer at the Midland Animal Shelter, you might want to pay attention. One of the next times they are taken, it could end up costing you.

The Midland Director of Animal Services Paul O'Neil says the ordinance is similar to Odessa's spay and neuter act, but has a little more leeway.

"I believe Odessa's is on the first impoundment," said O'Neil. "So we're giving people one chance basically for an accident to happen. But if we impoundment the animal a second time, then it would have to be spayed or neutered."

He did say the city will try to work with the owners on using their own vet and will want to get it done as quick as possible.

"Ideally if we can schedule it like a next day type of schedule, we would deliver the animal," said O'Neil. "Otherwise if it's going to be a couple days or a week or something, we'll let the animal go with a notice to comply. If they don't follow that notice to comply we can either give them a citation or we can seize the animal and deliver it to the veterinarian ourselves."

The ordinance is still in the early stages and O'Neil says he does not know when you could expect it to start.

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