Fairgrounds Road officially open

Fairgrounds Road officially open

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The City of Midland officially closed out construction on Fairgrounds Road after a year in Midland Friday afternoon.

Jose Ortiz with the City of Midland said the construction was focused on adding more lanes, in hopes to help with the increase in traffic and truck traffic.

"The road wasn't wide enough to deal with the added traffic and the truck traffic so we needed to move forward and we worked heavily with the MPO and TXDOT to go ahead and move this project forward to try and get it higher on the priority list to widen that road so we could deal with the added traffic and the added truck traffic," said Ortiz.

The construction also came with a special perk for Midlanders.

"With this project there was a multi-use path that was actually constructed on the west side of the road that actually is adjacent to Hogan park," said Ortiz. "So it allows basically more recreational use. So if an individual wants to come out and walk or ride their bicycles they can do so along this course from Wadley to the loop and back at a safe manner."

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