Jackalopes open 3-game series against Wichita Falls

Jackalopes open 3-game series against Wichita Falls

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Odessa Jackalopes, in action Thursday night, hosting the defending, Southern Division Champions Wichita Falls Wildcats.

Off to the Jack Shack we go for game one, of a three-game series. Second period action, Jacks wearing super hero jerseys, score tied at one.

Connor Wood with the missed shot on goal. Then, he gets into a scuffle with the Wildcats Domantas Cypas and gets shoved in the face.

Then it's Jeff Skinner, for the Wildcats. He shoots and scores. Wichita Falls up by one.

Fast forward, Jacks Connor Stuart, on the break away. He shoots but it is blocked by the Wildcats Link Ferch. Moving on, Zach Zech with the shot, but it's blocked too.

The Jacks would tie it up at 2, at the end of the third period. But, Wichita Falls gets the win, in overtime, 3-2. Game two, Friday night.

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