Borden County Coyotes focused on ultimate goal

Borden County Coyotes focused on ultimate goal

BORDEN COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Nothing feels quite as great as hoisting a championship trophy, above your head, to the roar of the fans. The Borden County Coyotes hope to experience that, next week. We caught up with them, at practice Thursday, as they continue, on "The Road to Arlington."

The Coyotes came into this season hungry and confident, after coming up just short of a state championship appearance, last year. That hunger paid off. They are getting ready for their state championship match-up, against Jonesboro, next week.

This Coyotes team is close-knit, together since most of them were in junior high. This season was divided into goals; district, playoffs and the championship game. They only have one left to conquer.

"I think the mentality is that they've gotten themselves geared up and ready to go and know that there's something out in front. Just getting there, it's not exactly what, that's just part of it but that's not the ultimate, goal that they have," said Head Coach Trey Richey.

"I mean, we can't go in thinking that we're gonna do it. Coach told us, when we were in junior high, that we were going to win state, at least once. And this is our last year. Like it says on our shirts, we had no regrets coming into the season," commented QB Corbin Sumners.

"It's a different feeling. We finally got over that hump, that we've been having trouble with the past few years. So, we just, finally, kind of got over it. So, pretty, excited," added FB Trace Richey.

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