Midland Transportation Department monitoring icy roads overnight

Midland Transportation Department monitoring icy roads overnight

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Many of us woke up to snow on the ground and ice on the roads.

Accidents across Midland and Odessa totaled more than 50, many minor crashes that could be avoided.

The Midland Transportation Department has been preparing for the seasons first winter weather since November.

"Getting vehicles ready. We started preparing really more than a month ago," said Assistant Transportation Manager Gabe McClelland.

The transportation department started deicing the roads early Thursday morning. Although they say this isn't a big storm, they want to be ready.

"We try to get out there before ice forms and actually treat our roadways, our bridges, our elevated roadway sections, really a lot of concrete surfaces, major intersections, railroad crossings," said McClelland.

The freezing temperatures aren't done with us yet. Wet roads could lead to more ice accumulations and dangerous driving conditions this evening and into tomorrow.

The transportation department says they will be on standby just in case their are any more problems, but they say it's important to just drive safely.

"They will drive. They don't see any ice, the road conditions look pretty good, but then you hit a sheet of ice. Be aware that there is a possibility that ice will form at certain locations and not others," said McClelland.

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