Cheerleaders, sponsors continue to show support for Iraan

Cheerleaders, sponsors continue to show support for Iraan

CRANE, TX (KWES) - Cheerleaders across Texas and New Mexico are showing their support for Iraan. More than 400 cheerleaders are expected at the school's state semifinal game in Abilene Friday.

"It's encouraging that young kids can do this right now at a time that our world is so separated and kids can stand up and  lean on one another and love one another like we're supposed to," said former Iraan cheerleader, Ashley Sanchez.

Cheerleaders from west Texas, New Mexico and even Arlington are expected in the stands at the big game. Cheerleaders along will their sponsors will get in for free.

"I just hope it doesn't distract the boys, I hope it helps the boys," said Crane cheer sponsor and event coordinator, Starla Warren.

Chick-Fil-A in Abilene has even volunteered to feed the squads.

"It's the right thing to do," said Wesley Smith with Chick-Fil-A. "When the community is hurting chick-fil-a loves to be there. Brian and I both think that's important to give back to the community that supports us."

All three former cheerleaders played in big games including state championships. They still say, Friday won't compare to anything else.

"Friday is gonna be an experience like nobody's ever felt before," said Crane cheer sponsor, Landry McNeese. "Brave games are awesome to go to, the support behind that team is amazing but it's gonna be like 10 times that. Maybe 100 times that."

Crane cheerleaders will be a part of the crowd. They said choosing to go was a no brainer.

"We share a passion and when other cheerleaders are hurt, that's our team, that's our family, we're gonna be there," said Crane cheerleader, Chaley Moreno. "Everyone is a family. Whether you're on the opposing team or not."

"We're just praying for them so they can get through this, It's tough," said Crane cheerleader Jayden Freeman.

The cheerleaders and sponsors will travel on a larger bus instead of their usual activities bus, for safety.  The game is Friday at 7 p.m. vs Wellington at Shotwell Stadium in Abilene.

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