Iraan mascot speaks after Friday accident

Iraan mascot speaks after Friday accident

IRAAN, TX (KWES) - Dhalia Butchee, the mascot for Iraan High School, was on the bus at the time of the accident on Friday and as she remembers the sponsor the team has lost, she is trying to look at the bright side, as it could have been worse.

Although Butchee was among the few on the bus who was able to leave the hospital quite quickly, she is still in pain.

Even if she doesn't show it much.

"Only when I move," said Butchee. "But when I'm relaxed, it's pretty alright. Just a little bit of discomfort. I think it's more of emotional and mental trauma than physical, if anything.

As for her teammates, she said she believes they feel the same way, especially with all but two back home after the accident. 
"It's very emotional for a lot of them," said Butchee. "But I feel like we'll be able to move on from this. Especially the physical injuries and stuff like that will heal. And the emotional trauma, the mental trauma, as far as that goes, I feel like if we stick together we'll be fine."

Butchee said the varsity sponsor Christina Garlock, who is now listed as in stable condition after being critical at one point, is a motherly figure for the team and she's praying for her safe return home.

"You really have to get to know her," said Butchee. "Honestly, she's a wonderful woman and she cares so much about all of us. It's just, it's hard to describe how you could possibly feel about her."

And for her sister, Liz Pope, she echoed those feelings.

"I mean honestly anything you said about Mrs. Garlock, you could say about Ms. Pope as well," said Butchee. "She was just a wonderful person and honestly, it's terrible, everything that's happened. But as soon as you got to know her, you fell in love with her. Her and Mrs. Garlock are both amazing."

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