School district remembering cheer sponsor killed in car accident

School district remembering cheer sponsor killed in car accident

IRAAN, TX (KWES) - The community of Iraan is grieving after the loss of a friend, family and co-worker, Elizabeth Pope, 52.

"It's a nightmare," said Iraan-Sheffield ISD Board President and friend Margaret Holmes. "I'm grieving, our community is grieving, it's a hard thing."

Holmes said the loved booster club president and cheerleading sponsor is a big team player in this small Iraan community.

"Liz, such a spunky person, so full of personality," said Holmes. "She just touched a lot of people's lives."

Others describe her as the sweet and heartwarming woman.

"I see my customers as my family, so it's like losing a family member," said Kenny Yoeun, owner of Kenny's Donut Shop.

"Liz is my regular customer, she comes in here and orders apple fritters and orders for the cheerleaders," said Yoeun. "She'd come in and say, 'Hi Kenny!' I say, 'Hi Ms. Liz!" I say, 'Are we going to beat Munday?' She says, 'Yeah, we're going to beat them!'"

Yoeun said he and his daughter, who is also a cheerleader for Pope, are still in shock but hope to move forward as a community.

"I know it's getting national attention but right now we need national prayer to get through this," said Yoeun. "Every prayer counts, prayer helps heal."

School administration said classes will continue next week. However, they plan for counselors from other schools to come and help students recover after this unexpected loss.

"She loved our school, our community, our kids," said Iraan-Sheffield ISD Superintendent Kevin Allen. "She was that part of the community you can't live without. But now, she's gone."

A benefit fund has been created under Brave National Bank for the victims from the accident. To donate, you can contact the bank at (432) 639-2543 or mail them at:

Brave National Bank
P.O. Box 79744
Account #230173

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