Pet pig shot, killed, owner worried about trend

Pet pig shot, killed, owner worried about trend

WEST ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Tisha Brumley's pet pig was found dead by an animal control officer who originally thought he was hit by a vehicle.

However she soon found out he was shot, much like many other animals in the area have been recently, something she fears may be becoming a trend.

"I couldn't breath," said Brumley. "I felt like someone took my stomach out. I couldn't think at all."

Leroy Jethro Boudine, a mini pig who was just about to celebrate his sixth birthday, is dead.

His owner, Brumley, said he was more than just a pig, as some may think otherwise.

"They have personalities, they're self aware, they have moods," said Brumley. "They get sad just like you do, mad like you do. I often compare them to two year old children, if you make them mad, they'll have fits. They're creatures and they have as much right to be here and be loved and be in a safe place as every one else does."

She said in the afternoon of November 30, she was in her home.

Around four, she heard a knock on the door, when she answered it, it was an Ector County Animal Control officer, who said he had found a pig on the side of the road.

As he walked with her to the pig, she immediately recognized his description as Jethro, and it hit her hard.

"I pride myself on being pretty good of keeping myself together," said Brumley. "I have a son and older father, I'm used to having to be the strong one sometimes. Whenever he said the white socks, my whole world just crashed. When I heard the word white sock's that was it. I knew it was him."

She said after they got to Jethro's body, she found out he wasn't hit by a car as the officer had originally thought, but was actually shot, right under the chin.

"It scares me because the more I thought, the ladies that live down the street, she's had seven or eight cats just come up missing," said Brumley. "We've had dogs that have been shot in the same manner just laying on the side of the road."

Brumley said that she knows of more than eight pets and a few livestock animals who have been shot and killed, all since October.

Brumley added though that she believes the animal control will do its job and bring the person who is responsible to justice.

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