Pastor continues to help homeless despite past attack

Pastor continues to help homeless despite past attack

A local pastor was given the ultimate test of forgiveness almost two years ago. He was stabbed by a homeless man he tried to help.

"It's not people. It is what is in them," said Pastor Donny Kyker.

Kyker runs Jesus House in Odessa, a ministry aimed at serving the homeless.

"I've seen this man go out and give and give and give and where I would put my foot down on certain areas, he's continued to forgive and give," said Duane Layton, a member of Jesus House.

The road hasn't always been easy for Kyker.

"I grabbed the knife and cut my hand to the bone and then he stabbed me in the back," said Kyker.

Almost two years ago, Kyker was attacked by a new member of Jesus House, a man he took in.

That hasn't stopped him from wanting to do more for the homeless community.

"If we do not forgive, we are held captive by that anger," said Kyker.

This winter, Kyker will open the doors of his church during the day to the homeless when temperatures get at or below 39 degrees from 6 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Despite what happened to him, he plans to continue his ministry and find even more avenues to reach the community.

"I'll do this until God tells me to quit, when he says that is enough or he sends a replacement or takes me home, whichever. I'm going to do this until he wants me to," said Kyker.

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