Odessa Jackalopes kick off 2-game series at home

Odessa Jackalopes kick off 2-game series at home

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Odessa Jackalopes, on home ice, Thursday night. They're coming off a 2-game series loss to Wichita Falls, last week. Game one of two against rivals, the Lone Star Brahmas.

Off to the Jack Shack we go. 7:30 left in the first, Jacks up 1-0. Out of the face off, Nick Klishko chases the puck around the boards. He passes it to Tyler Petrowski, who sends it flying to Noah Poindexter. Poindexter, with the dive and it's in the net. Goal jackalopes, they go up 2-0.

A bit later, still in the first, Jacks working the puck down the ice. Keep your eye on the left of the screen. Jaden Anderson gets a cheap shot at the hands of Justin Addamo. Anderson, shaken up. That would get Adammo a trip to the penalty box. Refs then decided it was serious enough to get him ejected from the game. The Jacks would go on a power play to finish out the first period, 2-0.

The Brahmas would come within 1 in the third period. But 2, quick, goals, would put the Jacks up by three, with less than one minute left.

Jacks take game one against the Lone Star Brahmas, 3-6. They meet again, Friday night at the Jack Shack.

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