Largest indoor gun range in Texas coming to Midland

Largest indoor gun range in Texas coming to Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A new indoor gun range is coming to Midland. The owners of Ally Outdoors said the Tall City has nothing else like it.

The owners of Ally Outdoors say the state of the art gun range is going to be one of the biggest facilities in the state of Texas.

The facility will be 58,000 square feet. It will include (24) 25 yard lanes, (5) 100 yard lanes, archer and a VIP lounge. You'll even be able to grab a bite to eat. Ally Outdoors is trying to bring your gun range experience indoors.

"It's pretty big, you can't find one this big within four hours from here, so it will be nice. It will be great to have here in Midland," said Collier Pennington, Vice President of Ally Outdoors.

Ally Outdoors is teaming up with TMP, a retail store that sells firearms,ammunition, bows, clothes, and more. So, if you don't own a gun, you'll be able to rent or buy one of your own.

"We'll carry everything that I currently carry now and more, long guns, hand guns, hunting, clothing, scopes, archery equipment. We'll have suppressors, we'll have full auto. It will be a one-stop-shop for anything you're wanting to do," said James Gripp, Owner of Ally Outdoors.       
Aside from the retail, the range, and amenities, Ally Outdoors says the most important as aspect of the new facility will be the safety training.

"It will be a huge part of the facility. We'll have license to carry class probably once a week. It will be a great environment to learn. It's going to all about education in this place. Education and training so there will be a lot of that going on," said Pennington.

The gun range will have off-duty police officers there for security but Midland Police will also get the chance to shoot. Officers with the Midland Police Department currently trains outdoors but this new range will allow them to train using an indoor facility.

"They'll have almost complete access to the facility because we want to incorporate those guys as much as we can. They are a big part of our community just like we want to be a big part of the community," said Pennington.

The facility is being built by Cata-Mount Construction. The project is set to begin in January 2017 and it will be up in running by Fall of 2017.

Ally Outdoors will be located at 241 Spring Park Drive, Midland, Texas 79705 (off of N. Big Spring St.).

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