New Texas rule will require burial or cremation after abortion

New Texas rule will require burial or cremation after abortion
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TEXAS (KWES) - A new rule proposed by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission requires medical facilities to bury or cremate fetal remains after abortions.

The rule that was proposed in the summer will go into affect on December 19.

"From conception to any stage, it is a life. It's a life that's valued," said Brooke Schuelke, president of Hope Mommies West Texas.

Hope Mommies is an organization that helps women deal with infant loss. Most commonly miscarriages and stillbirth.

The organization gives hope boxes to mother who have recently lost their child.

Schuelke suffered a miscarriage in 2011. She says the loss of her daughter was devastating, but the burial process helped with healing.

"This law really is going to help women, who have losses, have closure and have validation that their baby was alive, that their baby was a real child," said Schuelke.

The new rule will affect medical facilities across the state of Texas, requiring them to dispose of fetal remains differently. They will either need to be buried, cremated, incinerated or steam disinfected followed by a burial.

Schuelke says she also hopes the new rule will bring about change for women who experience miscarriages and are often told they aren't able to bury their babies.

"Just having that respectful dignity and respect of life would be a huge change for women who go through miscarriage," said Schuelke.

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