Midland Centennial Library expecting one-millionth visitor soon

Midland Centennial Library expecting one-millionth visitor soon

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland's Centennial Library is expecting their one-millionth visitor by the end of this year.

The library director said the amount of people coming in exceeded expectations since the opening just over three years ago.

From the outside, Centennial Library looks ordinary. When you're inside, you ask yourself if you walked through the right door.

"Oh, this is different! This is completely different," said library patron, Manuel Obregon.

Life sized trees, lanterns, exhibits, even a hot air balloon are some of the first things you see.

"We're passionate about generating foot traffic from the non-traditional library user," said library director, John Trischitti. "How do we get those people back in the door and engage them? They may come to see the exhibit and think, 'Oh yeah, I forgot you can get movies.' Or, 'What was that new book mom was talking about?'"

Some people we talked to said they only visit Centennial Library one to two times a month, others said they visit one to two times a day.

Obregon said he's never visited a library regularly until now, he says he spends most of his time in the media lab taking photos or editing films.

"I think I just passed by and I saw there was a green screen here and I was like, 'What?!' So I checked it out and asked what I had to do [to use the lab] and they told me, 'Just ask for the room.'"

Old library or new library, librarians are still needed.

"Your people may be doing different things but you still need the people," said Trischitti. "You can't have a story time on an iPad. They may have a different specialization and different knowledge base that librarians had 10, 15, 20 years ago, much more technology heavy."

As Centennial Library continues to attract more traffic, will the one-millionth visitor be you?

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