Tips to avoid falling victim to cyber scams

Tips to avoid falling victim to cyber scams

(KWES) - The Black Friday frenzy is over, but that doesn't mean shoppers are done looking for deals.

Millions of people are celebrating Cyber Monday in the comfort of their own homes and taking advantage of deals online.

While you are adding your favorite items to your cart, you should be cautious of scammers..

"This is their job. This is what scammers do. They are always looking for the next great idea," said Better Business Bureau regional director, Heather Massey.

Massey says this time of year is busy for scammers. Thieves attempt to imitate large company websites in order to get your personal information.

"You should always buy with a credit card because they offer the most buyer protection. You can always go and buy gift cards and put a set amount on there. So that way, if your card is every compromised, you don't have your complete bank and financial information out there," said Massey.

Another tip is to pay attention to the website address. Secure websites will have the letter 's' after the HTTP in the URL. There should also be a lock symbol within the URL.

"Be aware of great deals, if you find a website that seem to go to be true. It probably is," said Massey.

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