Local businesses getting ready for Small Business Saturday

Local businesses getting ready for Small Business Saturday

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Holiday shopping is in full effect, and while the big department stores had their fun with Black Friday, on Saturday it's all about the little guys.

Paula Saenz, an employee at Escents Candle Company said, "Every dollar that we take in pays for local taxes and local families to do the things that we need to do."

Ben Spencer, co-owner of Spirit Creations said, "It helps keep our new and loyal customers coming and spreads the word about our business."

When customers visit either Escents Candle Company or Spirit Creations they can expect 10%-20% off throughout the store.

Whether its candles or antiques; or you want to get a something embroidered, these stores are looking to provide for the community past Saturday.

"We get to share them and make everybody's life great," said Saenz.

"There're going to be the ones to say I'm invested and I'm going to stay here," said Spencer.

Shoppers and businesses will look to surpass the 95 MILLION people who shopped small last year.

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