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Midland residents using natural resources for Christmas decorations

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With Thanksgiving over and Christmas just a month away, many Midland residents are beginning to join thousands of people around the country in decorating their front yard for the holiday. Some homeowners are doing it in a unique way.

When driving around neighborhoods this December, you're going to see some familiar faces. From blow up Santa Claus's, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and even dachshund's dressed as Santa will be on almost every street. 

But Midland resident Denise Pounds and her husband decided to do something a little different, using just a bit of creativity and less than $15. 

"There's two things that you have a lot of here in Midland and that is wind and tumbleweeds," said Pounds. "So I thought, well, we can cast a vision there and see what we can do with it. And I said, well, that would make some really cool Snowman's."

So about four hours later, they had their snowman, standing at nine feet tall and they're proud of it. Pounds said even though they've gotten the attention from the neighborhood kids, they didn't put the snowman together with the intent of getting attention. 

"I think we decorate because it just kind of shows the people in our neighborhood that we love our neighborhood and appreciate our neighborhood, we love the Christmas season and we all know what the Christmas season is about, it's about Jesus," said Pounds. "We just like to celebrate that and we like to make sure the folks around us know that."

You can find the giant nine foot snowman off of Commonwealth Road in Midland, and though it's the only one out there for now, Pounds said it may have a few friends soon. 

"I have heard tale that we've got some neighbors that are going to be trying to put together some snowmen in their yard. So come back in a few weeks and we might have a snowman village for you!"

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