Advice for thousands who brave Black Friday

Advice for thousands who brave Black Friday

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Some may wonder is there anything different from Thanksgiving to Black Friday. Pre-Black Friday actually had bigger sales for those who came out after their Thanksgiving meal, but there's still a bunch of deals that start Friday and last until Saturday.

Thousands brave the crowds to get what they want or need for their Christmas list.

Javier Loera, the Director of Marketing and Business Development, has some advice for Black Friday shoppers who make their way out to the mall.

"I would say on a shopping day like this, it's important to plan your shopping day," Loera said. "Get on, visit the retailer's that have the products you may be interested in and put together a road map for your shopping today."

Stores have ramped up, preparing months in advance for their busiest day all year on merchandise, manpower and security. The mall partnered with Midland Police Department and the sheriff's office to make sure that safety is ensured for shoppers.

"We'll either go out on foot or on bicycles, patrolling the parking lots and the areas around the shopping areas," Crime Prevention Officer, John Kerrigan said.

Kerrigan suggests keeping your purse close and use the shoulder strap if it has one. He says it's best to keep minimum cash and credit cards and keep that in your front pocket. He also suggests hiding your bags in your car and having your keys ready to go before you leave the mall.

So if you want to get your Christmas shopping out of the way for the kiddos or any family members, Friday is the day to go out and grab some great deals and knock out that Christmas list.

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