Midland Christian Mustangs on quest for State Championship

Midland Christian Mustangs on quest for State Championship

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Several West Texas teams are inching their way to a state championship. The Midland Christian Mustangs are getting ready for their semi-final match-up.

Coach Greg McClendon and his boys find themselves in a familiar place, knocking on the door of a state championship appearance. But, first they have to get past a familiar opponent, Grapevine Faith Christian.  These two teams went head to head in Midland Christian's Homecoming. The Mustangs came out with the win.

"They're a really good football team. It's hard to beat a good football team once. It's, really, hard to be them twice. But, if I was going to go to Vegas, I would put the money down on us," McClendon commented.

Midland Christian started the season 0-3. The furthest thing on players' minds was being where they are today. They were wondering, would they win a game and even make it to the playoffs? Then, things just started falling into place.

"It feels great to, uh, because the last 2 years I've been here, we've been knocked out in the second round of the playoffs. It, finally, feels really, good to get to that third round. This is could be my final game. So, I'm, really, excited. I'm just proud of all the guys who have worked so hard to get this far," said Junior Quarterback, Anderson Needham.

Wide Receiver, Luke Watson went down, with an ankle injury, last week. His condition is questionable. But, he's still just as excited about where the Mustangs are, now.

"It's nice to get over that hump, second round. I, totally, think this team is capable, of going all the way. So, you know, this team has been battle-tested. We've gone through a lot of ups and downs and it would, totally, be a reward if we could win a state championship. It would be, totally worth it," said Watson, Senior Wide Receiver.

Even with a big 49-28 win against Grace Community, last week, and facing Grapevine Faith, for the second time this season, Coach McClendon and his staff are looking at things that weren't quite right and tweaking and adjusting, accordingly. The team is working hard to keep going.

"They're not ready for this to be over. That's key, during a long season. Kids get tired and that's where their playoff run ends. Our kids, really, want to be out there," McClendon concluded.

Midland Christian versus Grapevine Faith, Saturday in Sweetwater.  Winner advances to the State Championship.

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