Locals skip the stress and dine out on Thanksgiving Day

Locals skip the stress and dine out on Thanksgiving Day

(KWES) - Today many are at home enjoying time with their families and of course, eating a good, home-cooked meal.

Others took a different route by going out to eat.

"I'm here eating with my mother because my mother and I, she doesn't want to cook," said John, a local dining out at IHOP.

"Today is the only day that I will not cook. I decided to come and visit the places that are open for Thanksgiving," said a diner, who is a cook for a local restaurant.

"We just came in from out of town. We love IHOP," said another diner.

Not many restaurants are open on Thanksgiving day. That might be why IHOP in Odessa had a steady flow of families coming in despite the holiday.

So we wanted to know, why did they decide to go out versus staying home?

"I don't know. I just didn't want to clean up the house, you know. Make a mess," said a local, eating out with his family.

"I just don't cook very much and I have work in a few hours, so I have to be out there."

Some said this will be their only thanksgiving meal. Others will have a second one at home, but all of the people I spoke to say they will be spending today with family.
"Sharing good times, good memories with family. We just came here to have a nice time then we are going back home, the grand finale on Thanksgiving," said a diner.

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