Andrews Mustangs avenge Area loss to Brownwood, advance to regional semi-final

Andrews Mustangs avenge Area loss to Brownwood, advance to regional semi-final

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - The list has been shaved down to a handful of teams, still vying for a state high school football championship. On that list, the Andrews Mustangs. They got a sweet tasting victory, in the area-round, last week.

After four straight seasons, the monkey is finally off the Andrews Mustangs back. The team finally got past the area-round. Something that is pretty, sweet. But, getting revenge on Brownwood, the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year, made it much sweeter.

"I wanted to play Brownwood. I wanted to show everybody that we're not an average, Andrews team and that we're not some average football team, period. That we can actually play with elite teams that actually compete," said Mustangs QB Triston Williams.

"It's a great feeling. It's something that we've strived for, and the last few off seasons, we've talked about it. The work of the kids, the commitment of the kids and the way they come out and play ball Friday night, is very satisfying," commented Head Coach Ralph Mason.

The Mustangs' offense was, once again, explosive against Brownwood. The team has averaged 66 points per game, in the playoffs, so far. But, they know that they need to continue to improve, each week, in order to stay in the hunt.

"After passing a milestone, you, kind of feel like celebrating. But, it's not over yet. So, we just got to go out and play twice as good as we did the last game, to make sure we get past this, next round," said Mustangs Wide Receiver, Keegan Thompson.

We'll see if this elite group of Mustangs can venture closer to a state championship, this Friday night.

Andrews versus Levelland, Friday night, at Lowery Field, in Lubbock.

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