Local elderly give advice to families on Thanksgiving

Local elderly give advice to families on Thanksgiving

(KWES) - Families will soon be enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday, but getting together can be stressful. Local seniors say it is all about putting problems aside.

"It is so important to let those know how much you love them," said Jerry Sides.

"The good times are worth all the bad times," said Elizabeth "Snookie" Howard.

Snookie has lived through 95 Thanksgivings.

"People our age have a hard time recalling the bad times," said Sides.

Sides has lived through almost 90.

"Thanksgiving has always been a special time, when family gets together, 4 kids, 10 grandchildren, and who knows how many great grandchildren," Sides said with a laugh.

The elderly has seen it all fights, turmoil among family, but when Thanksgiving rolls around, family always comes first.

"Think of the love. Don't carry the discord far. Just let it fall. Let it die. You are eating your heart out when you do that," said Snookie.

As for cooking and cleaning on Thanksgiving, Snookie says its important to share responsibilities and do things as a family.

"My granddaughter, after she got grown, she would always say, 'you did the cooking, so I'm doing the cleaning.' We partnered on everything," said Snookie.

All the elders can agree, tomorrow is about just enjoying each other, setting things aside and making memories.

"We often get into a program of not appreciating the values and the gifts that we have of family bonds. I think we need to be very thankful to God that he has provided a peaceful place for us to live in the United States," said Don Craig.

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