40, 35, 30: The city of Midland proposes speed limit changes

40, 35, 30: The city of Midland proposes speed limit changes

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - On Tuesday, the city proposed speed limit changes to seven streets with the hopes of bringing more consistency for drivers.

Sara Bustilloz, City Spokesperson said, "We had speed limits where people would be driving one speed limit on one block and another speed limit on another."

To help make driver less confused about speed limits in certain areas in Midland, the city discussed changing some of them. The city wants to set a consistent limit of 40 miles per hour on parts of Holiday Hill Road, Mockingbird Lane, and Wadley Avenue. They would like to reduce the speed limit because of the narrowness on Solomon Lane to 30 miles per hour. On Illinois Avenue, the city would like to keep a consistent speed of 35 miles per hour.

Some residential areas on Cuthbert Ave would go to 35 miles per hour. On Neely Avenue, the city said the speed limit are low and adding warning near the curve is a possibility. Residents like Tommy Stavley aren't so keen to the idea.

"A sign is a sign unless they have a cop out here to enforce it people are going to break the law," said Stavely.

Stavely has lived in the neighborhood for the last six years and said the drivers that come through there are unpredictable.

"I don't trust people driving through here as fast as they do. I don't let my kids come out here. They like to ride their bikes. I just don't trust the drivers," said Stavely.

As Stavley and his neighbors place their Please Slow Down signs on their front yards reminding drivers of the area they are in, he offered another solution for city council to look into.

"Maybe put some speed bumps or something in, something to slow people down through here it is residential," said Stavely.

The proposal was just the first of two readings and the city says residents are welcome to call City Hall if they have any questions or objections before the next city council meeting in December.

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