Apple offering replacement batteries for iPhone 6S, local speaks out

Apple offering replacement batteries for iPhone 6S, local speaks out

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Apple is offering free replacement for batteries on certain phones. A local Odessa resident says he's been having battery issues for months and when he got the the battery himself, the phone was smoking.

Prince Ghaddar's phone is working now but he says his battery has been a problem for months.

"I couldn't even hold the phone to my cheek because it was getting hot," said Ghaddar.

Apple is offering replacement batteries for select iPhone 6S that have been shutting down.

Ghaddar says his 6S has overheating and not keeping the charge. After deciding to get the battery replaced by a friend, he says the battery was smoking.

"It was in fumes. He sent me a picture of the battery, which was pretty much melted," said Ghaddar.

Ghaddar said with recent news about phones catching on fire, he considers himself lucky and is now warning others to not ignore the warning signs

The free replacement battery for the iPhone 6S is for phones manufactured between September and October 2015. Apple has not said that this replacement is due to the battery overheating. It is only for phones that shut off unexpectedly.

We reached out to apple for a statement or information on why Ghaddar may have had this problem. We are waiting to hear back.

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