John Kennedy named winner of Midland I.S.D. School board seat by one vote

John Kennedy named winner of Midland I.S.D. School board seat by one vote
Rachel Stone and John Kennedy are planning for a run-off election after votes from general election ended in tie. (Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The results of the recount for the Midland I.S.D. School Board District 4 seat race are official.

John Kennedy was named the winner of the race by one vote.

"If ever there was an example of every single vote counts, this is it," said Kennedy.

On Election Day, Rachel Stone was the winner by four votes on Election Day.

However, after absentee ballots were received and counted, the race was declared a tie and triggered an automatic recount.

During Monday's recount a problem with three votes was discovered.

"What we discovered is there were three limited ballots where people had voted in races that they are not eligible to vote it.," said Midland County Elections Administrator, Deborah Land. "Two from Ms. Stone and one from Mr. Kennedy."

Kennedy says he's surprised of the outcome.

"This last week and a half or whatever has been quite a little roller coaster but now that it's all said and done I'm really excited and ready to serve MISD and the students of Midland," said Kennedy.

Kennedy said the board's focus will be to find a permanent superintendent for MISD. As for his former opponent, Rachel Stone, he expects to hear from her regularly.

"She has my phone number and I hope that she calls me because I want her to still stay involved so that we can get out schools good again," said Kennedy.

The Midland County elections office said this is the final outcome. By Texas law, no additional recounts are possible.

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