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Texas Tactical Jeep Club and Marine Corps give back to families this Christmas

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The Texas Tactical Jeep Club is giving back to children and families this holiday season.

Since it's that time of the year for the time of giving, the club is giving to children and their families this holiday season.

"A lot of us our business owners, police members, DPS members, we have guys in the Marine Corps Reserves," said Steve Ford with the Texas Tactical Jeep Club. "I'm an ex-military guy myself. It's our collective way to show how much the community means to us."

The club and the Odessa Fire Department assisted the Marine Corps for donations for their Toys for Tots drive. Originally, toys were donated to Lubbock where the distribution center is. But one Marine made that change for the toys to be given to families in need here in the basin.

"There's kids in Midland Odessa that don't have anything," said James Corman, a father and a US Marine Corps Reservist. He said it's all about giving to the children who need that special happiness this season.

"I want to know that kids in Midland Odessa are having a good Christmas, a good birthday, or whatever the occasion may be," said Corman. "It's just my way of being able to give back."

The toys donated will be given to foster families, abused and neglected children, local churches and families in need of financial assistance.
The club is doing even more by donating to children in local hospitals who won't be home for Christmas.

"There's not a lot of things like this where we can make a difference," said Ford.

To inquire about The Texas Tactical Jeep Club and join them on their next event, you can contact them through their website or Facebook group

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