Odessa man feeding hundreds for free

Odessa man feeding hundreds for free

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - If you're one of the many who have to work this Thanksgiving or won't be in town to spend it with family, don't worry, one local man has your back.

He's giving out a free dinner for the fourth year in a row, for anyone who's interested.

"This is the Thanksgiving dinner that I want to do," founder of Neighbors for Neighbors Jesse Poras said. "My goal is to make it over a thousand"

He's feeding hundreds, if not thousands, for free.

"I saw a pregnant lady, I saw a couple of kids come in with their dad," said Poras. "That's when I said, you know, from here on, I'm going to make this every year, until the good lord takes me."

One afternoon in 2013, Jesse Poras realized how many people in the area needed food, after being asked by multiple in one day for money to buy some.

"Well I met up with all these guys in one day, within hours," said Poras. "Ten minutes here, ten minutes there, ten minutes here and they all needed something. Money, so I bought them all food."

He then started making calls to people, trying to find a way to make it possible to where he could feed anyone who needed, or wanted it.

Although there are plenty of dinners out there around this time of year for people in need, Poras wants everyone to know this isn't for just homeless people or anyone specifically. But for the community as a whole.

"This is a Thanksgiving dinner for all. So from then on, I never make it for certain people," said Poras. "I made it for the community. I want the community to know that this is for you. This is my dream and I will keep doing it, until the man upstairs calls my name."

The dinner, at Mamma's Restaurant in Odessa, starts tomorrow afternoon at 2.

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