Police warn about fake money, show how to spot a counterfeit bill

Police warn about fake money, show how to spot a counterfeit bill

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland police are looking for two suspects, accused of using prop movie money.

From far away, they might be mistaken for regular bills but when you take a closer look, the bill says, "motion picture use only."

"This bill should be really easy to identify that it is counterfeit," said Det. Daniel Stief with the Midland Police Department.

Police say many are being fooled. The last incident happened at a Little Caesar's restaurant.

Surveillance video shows one of the suspects going in an purchasing a pizza with the fake $100 bill. Another suspect does the same a short time after.

"In some cases, we have the people, they will print it out and they will use this fake money until they are finally caught. In some cases, we have people actually selling the money for half the price of what the money is equal to," said Stief.

How can you spot a fake bill? Midland police say it's simple.

"To identify if money is fake, on every bill $10 and up, it has color changing ink and this ink on this number right here goes from copper to green," said Stief, showing a denomination in the bottom right corner of a $20 bill.

For bills $5 and up, you can also put it up to the light to check for a watermark that is visible on both sides.

Police warn those who will be handling money to take extra precautions.

"It would be a good idea during this holiday season, that retailers look real closely at any bill 10 and up, just to make sure that they are not counterfeit," said Stief.

If you have any information about this case, call Midland Crime Stoppers at (432) 694-TIPS.

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