Restaurant Report: Odessa restaurants make low performer list

Restaurant Report: Odessa restaurants make low performer list

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - It was a slow week in Midland for the week of Oct. 31 but that's not the story in Odessa. Two restaurants met the criteria to be on the low performer list. One was even cited for cockroaches in the kitchen.

La Bodega Quick Stop located at 1201 South Grant was cited for several items after health inspectors found:

-    Food was not kept at required hot holding temperature
-    Trash dumpsters and grease bins lacked lids
-    Soda nozzles were not sanitized
-    Objects were left on hand sink
-    Bleach was not used on final rinse
-    Gloves were not used when making burritos
-    A vent-a-hood was not provided above stove
-    There was evidence of cockroaches
-    Thermometers were not provided for coolers
-    A Food handler card was not provided
-    Food was not covered in coolers
-    Food bins were not labeled
-    Food was not date-marked
-    And Cold foods not held at required temperature

La Bodega Quick Stop ended up with 31 demerits, but health inspectors went back on November 11 and found most of these issues had been corrected.

Next up, we have Burri-Taco Express located at 207 East University Boulevard. Health inspectors found:

-    A lid was left open on grease bin
-    Food handler cards were not provided
-    Grease filters were not kept in place
-    Cold hold items were above required temperature
-    Current health permit was not displayed
-    A bag of beans was not properly stored
-    There as evidence of flies
-    Food not date marked
-    And there were dishes left in hand sink

Burri-Taco Express ended up with 21 demerits.

As for our high performers out of Odessa, those include:

- Texas Burger (1507 N JBS Pkwy)
- Odeli's Restaurant (1349 E 8th St.)
- Watt's Burger (1208 S Grant Ave.)
- Jason's Deli (3167 E University Blvd)
- Yummi Sushi (2501 W University Blvd)
- Woody's Lounge (2704 N DIXIE Blvd)
- Lapa Lapa (6070 W University Blvd)

There were no high performers out of Midland for the week of October 31.

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