Day 2 of Show of Support thanks veterans for their service

Day 2 of Show of Support thanks veterans for their service
(Source: KWES)
(Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Permian Basin came together for the Hunt for Heroes event tour Thursday. This event was not only to show support to our veterans but to have different generations of veterans come together.

An American flag flies in Midland, a thank you to our nation's heroes here and across the country.

"One generation depends on the other and when they come together, it's a very powerful emotional experience," said Terry Johnson.

Johnson founded the Show of Support organization 12 years ago.

"This is a blending of two generations," said Johnson. "I still get goosebumps when these two generations blend."

He said bringing veterans across the nation here is all about sharing the community with them to let them know there are people in the basin who appreciate their service.

"Our purpose is to say thank you for what they've done to keep us safe," said Johnson. "Once you do that, you can't thank them enough."

That played a large role with Army veteran Nic Transtrum. Transtrum served nine years and was a Blackhawk pilot. He was one of the attendees who came to the Hunt for Heroes event in Midland two years ago.

"It made such an impact in my life at the time and then the improvements I was able to make after that time in my own life, I've just kept up with Terry Johnson and the organization," said Transtrum.

He came back to Midland to share his thoughts and experience transitioning from military to civilian life, to encourage other veterans that even life out of the military, your life still matters.

"When people say, 'What are you doing now?' I'd always lead with, 'Well, I used to be in the military. I used to matter.' Veterans need to be empowered and know the skills they have are the best of the world."

The five-day Show of Support event continues this week with a banquet at the Horseshoe arena Thursday night and a hunting trip in San Angelo Friday.

"To put your arms around your neighbor, family friend or veteran and help them get back up, and say, 'Come enjoy life,' That's what the essence of patriotism is to me," said Transtrum.

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