West Texas Food Bank prepping to serve more more people during the holidays

West Texas Food Bank prepping to serve more more people during the holidays

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The West Texas Food Bank fights hunger 365 days a year but notices an increase of people needing food especially around the holiday season.

The Odessa food bank covers 19 counties, which is 34,000 square miles.

With next week being a time for feasting, they strive to make sure that people in West Texas have access to nutrition, especially during the holidays.

"We're getting ready to prepare for the holidays. We know that there's gonna be kids that are out of school, we know that there's gonna be senior that may not have family in town and so we see a lot of traffic during the holidays," Tina Corbett, Development Director for the West Texas Food Bank, said.

The food bank provides food to partner agencies and they will match each person with the best fit depending on their needs.

They also have mobile trucks and an emergency food shelter located out of their facility.

There has been an increase in need of the food bank's services due to the downturn of the economy, specifically with the oil industry.

"Everyone is optimistic that things are gonna turn around and we are as well," Corbett said. "But for now, we just need to make sure that these families and our community is having that food that they need."

To help the cause, you can donate to the food bank. Donating just $1 can help provide for four meals. 
"We have people that are just hanging on, trying to make it," Corbett said. "Trying to make it to that next pay check and they may just need a box of food to get by."

The food bank won't be open on Thanksgiving Day, but anyone needing help can come by any time between now and next Tuesday to get matched with an agency. The food bank will be closed next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

If you wish to donate, click here to make a donation.

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