Texas Board of Education unanimously rejects Mexican-American studies textbook

Texas Board of Education unanimously rejects Mexican-American studies textbook
(Source: CNN)


The Texas Board of Education unanimously rejected a Mexican American studies textbook that experts say is full of not just factual errors but anti-Hispanic rhetoric.

The vote was 14 to zero on Wednesday and still needs to be affirmed by a final vote cast on Friday.

This is a strong rejection of a textbook that has a history of criticism.

The book was created after a decision was made not to create a full Mexican American studies course in the state but rather just have an ethnic studies textbook for students.

Only one book was offered published by the company of a conservative former board member, Cynthia Dunbar.

Activists and academics have spent months highlighting inaccuracies and stereotypes throughout the textbook including suggestions that Mexican immigrants were lazy.

All of the evidence was just too much for some of the board members.

"We may be talking about Mexican American heritage but we're taking about the students of Texas that engage in the educational process that we as adults and leaders and educators are saying is good for our children. I don't believe anyone in this room could check off on this particular book," said TEA Board Member, Lawrence Allen, Jr.

Dunbar told the Associated Press that there is no legal basis for the textbook's rejection and doing so could spark legal action.

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