Lady Bulldogs fall to Abilene, at home

Lady Bulldogs fall to Abilene, at home

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - What comes after high school football season? Basketball. And we've got plenty of it. First up, the Midland High Lady Bulldogs, hosting Abilene High.

The Lady Bulldogs, hoping for another successful season.

First quarter, no score. But, not for long. Taysha Rashton, on the fast break. She finishes at the other end. Lady Bulldogs go up 2- nothing.

Fast forward, more Lady Bulldogs. Racey Haile gets another bucket to fall puts MHS up 6 to nothing, at this point.

But, the Lady Dawgs were not done. Britney Garza puts this one through. Midland High, on a 10-nothing run, to start this game. But, this would not last.

The Lady Eagles would go on a 51-24 run in the second half. Final score, in Midland, Abilene 65, Lady Bulldogs, 48.

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