After vote for Midland I.S.D seat ended in "tie", candidates prepare to tangle again

After vote for Midland I.S.D seat ended in "tie", candidates prepare to tangle again

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - After the surprising results from the Midland County Elections Office on Tuesday, the race for the Midland Independent School District's open seat on the board ended in a "tie."

Rachel Stone, one of the candidates, said she was surprised and couldn't believe it but after taking a moment to think about it she added she's not giving up.

"I've already talked to the Secretary of State, I know what my options are and it will be a runoff," said Stone.

Stone had a four vote lead before the provisional and absentee ballots were counted and now the two candidates will have to go through a process before we get to the possibility of another election, which officials say could happen in December.

"MISD will have to canvass the votes and that's going to happen on Monday at 5:30 p.m at the administration office. Then after that the election office will automatically recount since it was a tie," said Stone.

Stone and Kennedy have experienced the highs and lows of an election and both are expected to talk with officials about next steps on Thursday. Stone added the thoroughness shows no "stone" will be left unturned.

"I can't stop now, there's got to be a change at the district and I believe I bring insight," said Stone.

We spoke to John Kennedy and he declined to go on camera until after talking with officials later this week but he assured us he plans on getting ready for another election and has no thoughts on giving up.

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