Residents surprised by attention City of Alpine has received

Residents surprised by attention City of Alpine has received

ALPINE, TX (KWES) - Over the past few months, a whirlwind of attention has blown through the small town of just over 5,000 people.

We spoke with Alpine residents who say they're surprised at all the attention their home has garnered but at the same time they aren't.

"When I first got here, it was the smallest town you could possibly live in, coming from Austin. Then it's kind of the past, three, four months, it's been kind of crazy. With the everything that happened with the high school and then all this happened. Feels like you're in the Twilight zone a little bit," said Sul Ross Student, Shelby Hilbert.

Hilbert said she was surprised when the news of Zuzu Verk's disappearance hit because people from out of town actually knew before she did.

"Nobody really knew what was going on at first and I was out of town and getting phone calls from friends and family that knew more than I did. Then I got out here and people were everywhere. There were news crews and police driving around and everything. It was scary at first when no one knew what was going on. Was kind of worried for my own safety and other people in town," said Hilbert.

We spoke with another resident who said though there is a ton of attention and you can tell in the town that everyone is worried, she doesn't think it's much different than anywhere else in the world.

"Most places are getting attention. Any small town now anywhere across the country, there's always something going on. Some kind of craziness happening. You wouldn't expect it in this small of a town but I guess no town is immune to it," said business owner, Mechele Ferran.

With the grand jury proceedings still ongoing in the Verk case, the attention likely isn't going to slow down anytime soon.

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