Presidio resident organizing peaceful walk next weekend

Presidio resident organizing peaceful walk next weekend

PRESIDIO, TX (KWES) - Protests have erupted throughout the country this past few days, some of them being violent. For that reason, one Presidio resident said she wants to show they can make it through together, without the violence.

Laurie Holman is a school teacher. She said living in a border town means she shares a lot with her neighbors in Ojinga, including the fears some have with the election of president-elect Donald Trump.

After seeing protests around the nation, many including violence, she was upset. That's when she decided she wanted to organize a walk of support, to show those who are scared, there's still a lot of support for them.

"It's real important, I think, to keep the relationship good and strong and cohesive," said Holman. "Without any of these things that are beyond our control, this is one thing we can do. Is to remain solid and strong, together."

Holman said she's disappointed in the violent protests and the walk she is planning is going to be completely peaceful, and if someone shows up with signs or anything that could start something, they'll ask them to leave or put it away.

She said the goal of this walk, is to show the world, there's a way to get through this together.

"Because I've seen a lot of violence erupting and we just want to promote the peacefulness of how we live together," said Holman. "We live in harmony together and we have for hundreds and hundreds of years."

Holman has met with Presidio mayor John Ferguson and plans to meet with Ojinaga officials later this week.

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