Odessa Police raise money for officers in need

Odessa Police raise money for officers in need

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Professional Police Officer Association of Odessa is doing everything it can to help not one, but three of its officers in need.

One of the three officers the PPOA was trying to help through Saturdays fundraiser was officer Whitney Branch.

If you remember, Branch was in critical condition only last month, and is now in Houston getting rehab. Branch fell of the side of her patrol while chasing a shooting suspect in October.

She was taken to a hospital and was listed in critical condition for a period of time, and though she is getting workers comp, there's still a lot of financial she has to sort through.

"Sometimes employees actually lose part of their salary," said PPOA Vice President Jon Foust. "In this case, I know for sure she's not getting any overtime and officers rely heavily on overtime and off duty. Especially during the Christmas time."\\

Foust says the Permian Basin community is great when they are called on to help local law enforcement. He says they're extremely grateful for having the support they do.

"The blue family and the immediate family, media family and the family around, the community is tremendous, in this area," said Foust. "We don't see some of the problems the other parts of the country are seeing right off the bat. So it's really good."

We're told that one of the other two officers in need could possibly have throat cancer, while the other, needs some help with some medical bills for their child.

They say if you missed the event, you can still donate by dropping off an envelope addressed to the PPOA at the front desk at the Odessa Police Department.

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