Disabled veteran organization raising money to help their own

Disabled veteran organization raising money to help their own

On this Veterans Day, those who served are looking for the public to serve them.

"If we succeed, this will be our fourth year as the top of the state for fundraising in the DAV," said Callie Rios, a veteran and member of the Disabled American Veterans.

It's no surprise that the Permian Basin loves our veterans. The local DAV chapter hopes to raise enough funds in their annual fundraiser. All of the money goes back to veterans who are struggling financially.

"Things such as rent payment, utility payments, whatever it is. They come to us and ask for financial assistance and this is were we get that funding from," said Rios.

Maria Rodriguez, an Army veteran, moved to the Permian Basin after serving and found herself in a financial bind. She reached out to the DAV for help and was able to get back on her feet.

"As I progressed into my new job, I was able to stabilize myself. Most veterans, like myself, we really hate to ask for help," said Rodriguez.

That is why Rodriguez now advocates for veterans, especially veteran women, to reach out because she knows they are silently struggling.

"We are here to help. That is one of the things that we do. We are here to help each other. Build each other up. Help stabilize each other. Please do not feel bad asking for help. We are just trying to get everybody to a better place," said Rodriguez.

If you are a veteran and need assistance, call (432)-557-4578. The organization also wants more veteran women to join and come together.

If you just want to donate, the group will be at the Golden Corral at 4261 John Ben Shepperd Parkway every day from now until November 14.

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