Midland firefighters go home-to-home installing smoke alarms

Midland firefighters go home-to-home installing smoke alarms

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - On Thursday, members of Midland's Fire Station 3, including Assistant Fire Chief Michael Cota, went into homes installing free smoke alarms. The purpose of the smoke installation blitz through East Midland was to make sure some of the homes the department said posed the highest chance of a fire were equipped.

"We like to pull up data and find out in which homes do senior residents live in or even small children under the age of five because those people are the folks who pose the highest risk for fire death," said Cota.

Before the installation, Cota and others would inspect the home and determine where the best place for a smoke detector should go. Then, they would install the alarm and make sure it works. Before they left, the resident would sign a form saying a smoke alarm was installed.

"We do have professionals with a lot of experience that can come into your home and actually see things in your home that may pose a risk for fire. This gives us an opportunity to catch those things before a fire may occur inside your house," said Cota.

Cota added Thursday's installation blitz was all due to the fact the department was able to get the word out.

"We've done an extensive amount of outreach in the last three months. From fliers to school programs, just about everything you can think of over the Internet as well," said Cota.

Cota says he hopes more people will stop at fire stations throughout the city or set up an appointment to get a smoke alarm installed.

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